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Alaska Airlines Claims They Used Safe Deicer On Flight No. 528

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A while ago I blogged about my concerns that Alaska Airlines may have used Ethylene Glycol in the deicer that infiltrated the ventilation system on Flight 528. In the newspaper this morning Alaska Airlines states that it used proplylene glycol.

Reached for comment Monday, airline spokeswoman Caroline Boren declined to discuss the suit in detail.

Boren, though, insisted that passengers were not exposed to ethylene glycol, a toxic substance used in antifreeze. She said the deicing crew was applying a nontoxic compound, propylene glycol, which also is used in toothpaste and as a food additive.

Although propylene glycol is safer than ethylene glycol, it is still a chemical with dangerous properties. For instance, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide may form when this chemical is heated. Additionally we still do not know what chemicals were added to the propylene glycol.