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When Captain Sully Sullenberger landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River I was overcome by feelings of wonder, triumph and love for humanity. Now, after the crash of Continental Flight 3407, those feelings have swung in the other direction, to sadness, but I still feel that same love of humanity.

Plane crashes do not discriminate, victims are young and old. One thing that the victims of Flight 3407 have in common, they were all cherished and will continue to be cherished. We live in a big, beautiful country and air travel is a necessity. We fly and our family members fly, we all travel by air. There is nothing that separates us from the victims of Flight 3407 or the families who lost loved ones in the crash.

We have a duty to ensure that lessons are learned from Flight 3407. It is imperative that this tragedy teach us how to prevent future aviation tragedies. It is not enough to learn why this Bombardier Dash 8 crashed; we must identify every contributing factor and create new safety regimes. In this way, we can create meaning, as we pick up the pieces. Already, this crash highlights issues that we should study so we can improve the safety of travelers everywhere. Over the course of this week I hope to highlight these issues in a series of blog entries.

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